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Why use CondoSites?

What Makes Us Special
Our customers say many nice things about us, but here are the four attributes they seem to appreciate most.

Ease of use. We design our websites to be so easy to use, virtually anyone can play the administrator role. That's important when you consider that association admins change over time and vary tremendously in their levels of computer experience.

Unique hub-based navigation means that once you login to a CondoSites Website, you're only one click away from any current content you care to view. There's no complicated navigation system, no drilling down several layers to find what you want, and no getting lost. It's all right there. Customers love this.

HOA/Condo association expertise. Our founder, Jason King, has twice been a condo association board president, secretary, treasurer, and a supporting board member in three communities. He has also worked as a property manager. Our customers feel instantly at home with our websites because we build them from an insider's perspective.

Florida Minded! In addition to our founder's background, Jason King, also keeps up on changes to Florida law, and the modern needs of Florida Condos and HOAs. Our founder even makes annuals tours of Florida, visiting communities all over the state. Florida is CondoSites' largest state market and we work hard to serve it well.

Plus every CondoSites customer in Florida receives a copy of our Florida Content Requirements Guide, designed as a kind of check-list and planner, updated annually, and designed to help the association organize their state required content and ensure their website is compliant. The guide also includes requirements that apply to all associations in Florida governed under chapters 718, 719, and 720, regardless of size.

Unlimited free support. Our customers appreciate that they can email us as often as they like for any reason, and get one-on-one telephone support by appointment. We never have and never will charge extra for personal support.

Responsive design. Our websites look beautiful and are fully functional on a computer, tablet, or smart phone. Through Responsive Design the layout of the website adapts to the size of the user's screen automatically, with no special apps to download.

Secure. All areas of CondoSites - from back-end interfaces, to the end-user experience - is secured with industry standard SSL encryption on your community's domain. Further, communities have the option to have administrators verify and audit every user account for further multi-factor authentication.
Personal Support
CondoSites provides the website's administrator with unlimited email support, and unlimited one-on-one telephone support by appointment. We love hearing from you and will give you all the time you need for training, follow-up questions, or special requests and there is never an extra charge.
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Features & Price

All Inclusive
What Your Fee Covers
Your monthly CondoSites fee includes the website product and hosting, one-on-one content management training, unlimited email support, telephone support by appointment, and all the services and features listed below, along with any future site enhancements that we develop. All at a low monthly price with no long-term commitments or contracts, no set-up fees, and no hidden charges.

We guarantee your satisfaction. If during your post-launch first 30 days with us you are unhappy for any reason, we will cheerfully refund your money. If at any point thereafter you choose not to stay with us, we will refund the unused portion of any payment you may have made.
All Inclusive Price

$65 per month

When Paid Annually

- or -

$70 per month

When Paid Quarterly

All inclusive price - regardless of your association's size.
No setup fees, domain fees, long term contracts, hidden charges, or termination fees.
Includes all of our services, amenities, domain registration and renewal, hosting, and unlimited admin support.

Full explanation of features and demos are available on our website at
Domain Registration & Renewal
SSL Encryption
Custom Home Page Design
Content Management Training
Early Stage Monitoring & Periodic Review
Unlimited Telephone Support
Unlimited Email Support
Free Upgrades
Digital Signage
Website Design
Home Page Options
Navigation Column Sections
Website Features
Mobile Friendly / Responsive Design
One-Click Hub Navigation
Unlimited Folders
Unlimited Document Uploads
Access Permissions
Group-Prioritized Content Display
RSS Feeds
Payment Options for Dues and Assessments
Personal Profile Pages
Property Management Accounting Integration
Revenue Generating Opportunities
Local Links
Additional External Links
Member Profiles
Password Protection
Forgotten Password Recovery
Board Member Only Features
Add to My Calendar
Email Options
Mass Email
Board of Directors Module
Business Directory Module
Calendar Module
Classified Ads Module
Homes for Sale or Rent Module
Maps of the Community Module
Meeting Dates Module
Maintenance & Service Request Module
Package Log & Notification Module
Pet Center Module
Photos of the Community
Property Staff Module
Utilities and Local Links Module
Vendor Module
Weather Module
Directory Request e-Form
Facility Rental Request e-Form
General Request e-Form
Guest Parking Request e-Form
Parking Registration e-Form
Party Petition e-Form
Permission to Enter e-Form
Pet Registration e-Form
Report a Violation e-Form
Restaurant Reservation Request e-Form
Suggestion Box e-Form
Towing Request e-Form
Work Order e-Form
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Getting Your Site Started

First Contact
When you first contact us, we'll answer any questions you may have. If you're interested in working with us, we'll send you a questionnaire that will allow us to activate your new website and perform some initial customization.
A Brief Questionnaire and Month-to-Month Service Agreement
Once you decide to become a customer, you'll sign our month-to-month service agreement and complete a brief questionnaire asking you about the name of your community, physical (and mappable) address, your property manager's name and contact information, your community's domain name if there is one, and some additional easy to answer questions that will allow us to perform the site activation and do some basic early customization.
Domain Name Acquisition
If your community doesn't have a domain name, we'll help you get one. Once we find one you like, you can choose to purchase it and, later, pay for renewals; or we can purchase and manage the domain for you, with our written assurance that we'll transfer it back to you at no charge (except for any transfer fees required by your registrar), should you ever choose to cancel our service.
Once we receive your completed questionnaire, we'll activate your new website and perform some early customizations such as unit formatting, populating your Utilities module, and customizing a few of your eForms. Some of this content, such as your local utilities, we'll take from what you provided in your questionnaire. We can also take select content from your existing site, if there is one, or from the developer's site if it's still up.

Next, we'll send you an email confirming the activation that includes a link to our series of five minute orientation videos. Once you've seen those, you'll have a basic understanding of how to perform administrative tasks on the website and can begin adding content. We recommend starting with uploading documents. After you have had a chance to explore and begin using the software, you can schedule a 60-minute phone call to provide one-on-one training on our content management system, and provide suggestions and best practices.

To help you get the most out of your website, we regularly offer complimentary webinars on a variety of topics, and one-on-one help is always available at no extra charge. We even have help tips built into the content management control panels, and helpful videos.
Uploading Content
Once you know how to use the system, you'll want to upload all your legal and non-changing informational documents such as your CC&Rs or Rules & Regulations, as well as your current and past meeting minutes and newsletters. We will even provide you with a content planning guide to help you decide on and collect content for the website.
While you're working on uploading content, we'll be customizing the visual aspect of your website using photos you send us of your community, it's interior and exterior common elements, and it's views and neighborhood.

If you don't have photos, or don't want to display your actual property on the site, we'll speak with you about options, such as using stock photography, neighborhood photography, or graphic art.
Launching Your Site
Just before you launch, you'll want to schedule your pre-launch call with us, where we'll review your site with you from end to end, helping to make sure everything is working properly and ready for your association to begin using.

As always, we will answer any questions you have, and give our advice on best practices.
Follow Up
Following launch, we'll stay in touch with you by email until you become fully acclimated to the system. We'll also monitor your use of the website and contact you if we see that you're doing something incorrectly or not taking advantage of certain features.

Most likely, it will be smooth sailing from there on out; but if there is anything you need at any time, just let us know. We're only an email away!

About Us

Who we are and what we do...
CondoSites creates websites for HOAs (homeowners associations), POAs (property owners associations), PUDs (planned unit developments), Condominium Associations, Stratas, Co-Ops, Common Interest Developments. We work with Florida communities of all sizes in addition to the entire United States and Canada.

We have been building websites since 1998. The first website built for an HOA was launched in 2004 and in 2005 we launched a second and realized a market need for a specialized website product for the Condo/HOA industry, and CondoSites as a brand was born in 2005.

CondoSites is privately owned and has been debt free from day one. We partner with companies like Zego powered by PayLease, GivBee Mass Texting Solutions, and Mvix Digital Signage, to give you access to some of the best communication technology in the industry. We also work only with the best, like award winning web host InMotion Hosting, and some of the best web developers in the industry, to give you the best product experience. Finally, we know you deserve to work with a dedicated person who understands technology and the condo/HOA industry, which is why every association we serve works directly with CondoSites owner and founder, Jason King, to ensure your needs are met and our product grows.
Prime Policy
Your satisfaction with our product as well as our service is our prime policy, guaranteed! Our policies have been established as a guideline in how we do business with you. If there is anything we can do to make our product or service experience better, please let us know.
   ‐ Jason King, owner/founder

View all of our policies
Privacy Policy
CondoSites does not and never will share or sell any of your website, association, user, or community information. With your permission we may introduce you to some of our service and technology partners, if we feel you would benefit from their offerings.

For maximum online security, we use 256-bit SSL encryption for all work and maintenance to our sites. InMotion Hosting bases its web hosting platform on the Linux/Unix operating system for greater speed and reliability. They monitor it 24/7 for any signs of unusual activity and benchmark it continuously for performance.
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